Danaa plus model in Israel

Hi I am Dana Amir,33, I am a plus model in Israel since the last six years.

I thought I couldn’t actually  be a model and never thought about it. but I had a boyfriend and he told me that I must go and be a model ,that I really can do it.

I obviously didn’t know that there are some kind of different models curvy or plus size, but I heard to his voice and told him okay I will give it a go and I will try. so I did  a portfolio with photos and started to send it to some fashion brands in Israel and then I saw it worked.

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I got a job and another job and another job and started to work as a model and it was amazing basically.

My first job was to be a presenter for a lingerie boutique. It was amazing! I celebrated my body and was so proud to do this! I always had confidence, but even more as I became a model! And then I felt the need to give confidence and inspire others too! Women and men

I had to do it because I felt this is my journey and I’m on mission to show everyone else u need to accept your body and be in peace with it!

I’m also a women photographer and I started it one year after I was modeling because I felt it can make a big change to people and to feel good with themselves!

I’ve been participated in the fashion week plus size modeling 2016 also

Worked with all kinds of Israeli brands, worked with USA and uk underwear brands via Instagram, and even did a wedding dress photoshoots, Swimming suit photoshoots, art and  just lately been chosen for photoshoots for a big brand company “s.wear” to model their new plus size line.

I’m happy to do what I do! Positive, and also believing in myself to make a bigger change, in israel or global all over the world.

I’m in a big journey!

When I’m not modeling I love art, to draw, sculpture, music and the beach, and I play in the Israeli national women team in billiard (snooker) and represented israel in many tournaments outside of israel.

credit foto
nimrod nimco
claudio yarza
amir asif