IKA President-Haider Farman: IKA requirements and rules are the same for everyone. Those who do not want to do it can be expelled from the IKA.

As we reported, a press conference was held yesterday with the participation of the President of the International Kurash Association Haider Farman.
Adham Ikromov, Minister of Sports Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Sherzod Tashmatov, Vice President of the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan, took part in the conference.

Also, Vice-President of IKA, President of Kurash Confederation of Asia-Oceania Komil Ruziev, Secretary General of IKA Mohammad Reza Nasseri, Head of IKA Administration Mansur Mirzaev, Rector of International Kurash Institute Habibulla Tadjiev and Presidents of European, African, and Pan American Kurash Confederations on the Zoom platform, 50 leaders of nearby national federations participated.

Speaking at the conference, IKA President Haidar Farman gave information about the World Kurash competitions, continental championships, training seminars and Kurash Weeks held in the past 6 months.
In fact, the quantity and quality of kurash events this year was recognized as very high:
• On March 17-21, the Asian Senior Kurash Championship and the Ordinary Congress of the Kurash Confederation of Asia-Oceania were held in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.
In this prestigious championship, more than 200 best kurash athletes from 24 countries of our continent came to the gilam to win.
• On March 24-27, in cooperation with the International Kurash Institute, an international seminar was organized for kurash coaches from the member countries of the European Kurash Confederation in Rome, Italy. 90 kurash coaches from 10 countries participated in the seminar.
• On March 28-30, the next meeting of the executive committee of IKA was held in Mumbai, India. During the meeting, relevant decisions were taken on many issues facing Kurash.
• On April 8-10, kurash sport was widely presented at the international sports conference and exhibition organized by the European Olympic Committee and the Greek Ministry of Education and Sports in Patros, Greece.
• On May 12-23, the 31st SEA Games of Southeast Asian countries were held in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Kurash has been officially included in the program of these games from 2019, and 90 kurash athletes from 9 countries participated in 10 weight categories.
• The International Kurash Week was organized by the Pan American Kurash Confederation on June 2-09. Pan American Kurash Beach Kurash Championship, International Refereeing and Coaching Seminar, Children’s Kurash art competition and exhibitions were held during the week. More than 500 participants from 19 countries of the Confederation took part in these prestigious events.
• On June 17-20, an international referee seminar for West Asian countries was organized in Dubai, UAE. More than 100 referees from Iraq, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, Qatar, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Palestine participated in the seminar.
• On June 23-30, the next international kurash week was organized in Pune, India.
• Refereeing and coaching seminar and exams from the weekly program, international kurash tournament were held.
• On June 25-26, the Arab Kurash Championship was held in Beirut, Lebanon. About 10 Arab countries from Africa and Asia participated in the championship.
• Also, national federations began to operate in the countries of Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Bulgaria, and became a member of the World Kurash family.
From July 27 to August 8, the 7th Asian Children’s Games will be held in Vladivostok, Russia. Kurash is officially included in the program of this prestigious sports event.
• August 03-07 will be held courses of the Republic of South Africa, African Championship in Kurash;
• Asian Junior Championship in Chonburi, Thailand on September 4-8;
• October 21-23 European Championship in Istanbul, Turkey;
• The Senior World Kurash Championship will be held in Mumbai, India in November 18-24.
Mr.Farman expressed his special gratitude to the presidents of the continental confederation, presidents of national federations within IKA, who are actively organizing these events.
It was also informed by the President of IKA that the negotiations on inclusion in the Program of Islamic Solidarity Games are being conducted positively. The President of the Federation of Islamic Solidarity Games has announced that an agreement has been reached to include kurash in the program of the next games to be held in Goyana in 2025.
The President of IKA also noted that there are only a few shortcomings with the work being carried out:
It is mandatory for all member federations to follow the rules of procedure of the International Kurash Association for the organization and conduct of competitions. A national federation is a national federation in its own name and operates and holds competitions only in its own territory.
The confederations are also organizes championships and events on its continent.
For example, the Kurash Confederation of Asia-Oceania will not go to Europe and hold a championship in Greece. This is not possible. Those who don’t want to follow the rules can be expelled from IKA membership, said IKA President Haider Farman.
The presentation of Kurash magazine was held which will quarterly published by the press service of the IKA. From now onwards, IKA activities, events organized by continental confederations, and the wide development of kurash in the world will ne published.
The magazine is published in English in print and online and is delivered to the IKA family.
At the press conference, the Minister of Sports Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Adham Ikromov, spoke and noted that friendly relations with the International Kurash Association have been established, further popularization of the sport of kurash in the world through mutual cooperation, special attention is being paid to the development of our national sport, which is instilled with the ideas of humanism on the basis of gender equality, also among women.